Line SX

Line SX

Line SX, the Offshore line of the brand, with daily models that- with well-designed layouts aimed at optimizing spaces- perfectly meet the needs of the passionate owners. The entry-level model of the SX line is the SX27 model: 8,50 meters of open boat, suitable for those owners who want a pneumatic boat with attention to the design, but at the same time safe and comfortable.


With its almost 11 meters in length, proves to be a versatile model and it immediately stands out  for its majesty and elegance


SX30 is the perfect daily model that takes up the asymmetric line of the brand.


SX27 is the entry level model in the Solemar range. 8.50 meters of boat overall, SX27 turns out to be a dynamic and massive model: on board you can find everything you could want from a model of this size.